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If you are planning to move to a new place along with your pet there you are surely going to have some additional responsibilities on your plate. You have to take care of it by yourself as packers and movers don’t offer pet relocation services. Even if they did, you can’t leave a piece of your heart with all your other non-living things in a truck right?

When it comes to relocating with pets, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. Therefore, we are here to help you by taking some load off your shoulders and stress related to your dear pet.

Top 5 tips to keep in mind while moving with pets

packers and movers

packers and movers

If you have plans of moving with your furry friend or any other pet then these tips are going to help you out in the best way possible so that it’s stress-free on your pet too.

   1. Plan and pack in advance

Don’t wait until the last day to pack your pet’s things as it will lead to confusion and tension. Make sure you prepare a few things well in advance so that it’s not much of a hassle for you on the final day.

Make sure you pack a bag with all the essential items like a leash, poop bags, a crate, favourite toys, food and a litter box to name a few and don’t send it in the packers and movers carrier.

Ensure that your pet has an ID tag along with your pet’s name, your name, new place’s address and your contact number. Also, keep a picture of your pet just in case the pet gets lost in the new place and you have to show it to your neighbors for reference.

Make it a point that your pet is wearing their collar while travelling so that it is easier for you to control them.

  2. Get your pet’s check-up done

You might be asked to carry some documents regarding your pet’s health depending on the mode of travel that you pick. Once you know what all you need, make an appointment with your vet in order to get your pet’s check-up done beforehand.

A current rabies tag and evidence of vaccination certificate signed by your veterinarian is your pet’s most significant travel document. Whenever you travel with your pet, be sure to keep that certificate handy.

Apart from the rabies tag, a certificate signed by your veterinarian that describes your pet, lists the vaccinations and indicates that your pet is in good health and has no signs of infection is also required.

Even if you don’t require some formal documents, it is best to visit the vet before leaving and see if your pet is going through something which needs to be taken care of before leaving.

Also, if you’re worried that the pet could be prone to motion sickness then express your concern to the veterinarian and ask for prescriptions that help boot out those symptoms. Consider using a crate to restrain your pet in the vehicle and cover the crate with a blanket which would help with ventilation.

  3. Don’t feed them something heavy right before moving

If you are driving or flying with your pets then it is best that you don’t feed them a heavy meal just before starting with the journey. This is because cats are prone to esophageal problems and vomiting if they have to travel to a new place and heavy food is only going to act as a catalyst and you sure don’t want to have this tension of cleaning up your cat every now and then in the middle of the trip.

This is not just with cats. Even dogs tend to throw up while travelling due to anxiety or motion sickness. Ensure that you have planned your pet’s meal in a strategic way while moving out to save yourself from the trouble of cleaning up unexpectedly.

Also, don’t change an animal’s food when moving all of a sudden. Be it dogs, cats, reptiles or birds, all animals need a sense of consistency which includes what they eat. Changing their food can also disrupt their digestion and cause stomach problems therefore play it safe by packing enough of their usual food and treats which would last for an ample amount of time.

  4. Find a new vet in the new location

Once you are done with unpacking and settling down at the new place, best packers and movers would suggest you to look for a new vet at the new place as soon as possible. Take your pet to the vet and share the medical records so that they would know if your pet requires any immediate attention or not as the moving out process is hard for them and their mental health too.

Please note that most veterinarians keep their files digital and will either email or fax over everything that your new vet needs without your active involvement. If you want a copy of your pet’s medical records for your own purposes then you can request to have them printed out for you.

Try to take care of this with the same amount of perseverance you assign to other moving-related things. Procrastinating could be harmful to your pet’s health. If your pet has any serious medical issues then it’s even more important to ensure that you transfer them to a new vet right away and that no time goes by without them attended.

Make it a point that you look up and pen down the addresses and phone numbers of the nearby pet emergency hospitals and 24-hour care centers. If something happens to your pet out of the blue then it’s best to be prepared.

  5. Make sure you pet-proof your new place

When you move to a new place, it is very important to make your place pet friendly so that they feel at home too. Therefore pet proofing your house should be in your checklist.

To make the process of pet proofing your new home after moving in simpler, prioritize the rooms that pose the most potential problems like kitchens and bathrooms and then keep your pet out of other areas that come with a threat until you get a chance to tackle those as well.

Apart from pet proofing the apartment, the best packers and movers suggest that you unpack away from your pets which include throwing away the packing tape and plastic wraps and any sharp items.

Even though it is very thrilling to move in to a new place, it comes across as a hectic job too especially with a pet. Keep the above tips in mind and contact the best packers and movers if you are thinking to relocate and we will take care of the rest.


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