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Moving to a new place, be it a new office or home is not child’s play as there are a number of things that need to be taken care of. There is a high possibility of things going down south if you don’t choose an apt Packers And Movers In Delhi to carry out this tedious task on your behalf.

We, the best packers and movers want to take the load off you so that you have nothing to worry about and leave everything on the experts. However, there are a few tips that you must keep in mind if you are thinking about office relocation.

Top 5 office relocation safety tips

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If you are thinking to move to a new office then there are few things that you must take care of. They are:

 1. Start the planning process well in advance

You can’t just think about moving today and get going tomorrow. Relocation can be a really hectic process that is supposed to be planned in advance so that you cover all the major things. Moving is not one person’s job therefore you will have to figure out who will take care of which aspect so that everything is done in a much organized way.

Apart from packing up and moving out, you will also have to figure out that what will go where in the new office space because you don’t want to reach to the new location and find yourself in a fix when it will come to arranging the things and assigning everything their new work stations.

Therefore, instead of wasting your energy and money on moving the times that are not going to fit in your new office, measure everything well in advance.

The best way to stay a step ahead is by using a blueprint of the new office and already knowing that whether your coffee table will be able to fit in next to your couch or there are some adjustments that you need to make it beforehand.

You must also draw out the moving budget and look for packers and mover accordingly as it is important to have an estimate and make the decision accordingly.

 2. Spend a good amount of time in researching the best packers and movers

Moving to a new office requires external help and it is suggested to invest ample amount in researching before deciding the best packers and movers as you will trust them with your belongings.

You should contact a number of packers and movers and take quotes from them and compare the services that they are offering to you. If you have a decent budget then you should look for full service movers and packers who will take care of everything, be it packing, loading, unloading or unpacking at the new place.

Don’t forget to go through the reviews and testimonials of the packers and movers you are interested in as you should go for a company that has an established success record in this domain.

You can also schedule a physical meeting and explain to them what you are looking for and let them explain to you how they plan to do the whole moving process with their expertise.

 3. Dispose of the things which are not required and label boxes

You might not need all the things from the old office while going to the new one. Everyone knows what things they want in the new office and what things can be left behind and you can’t make this decision on other’s behalf. Therefore, it is best that you suggest your employees take up the responsibility of their own work stations and discard what is not required.

You can have them organize all the important belongings at one place or a box with their names labeled to it so that nothing gets mixed up and everything could be done in a smooth manner.

Also, in order to keep the operations in check once you move, label other boxes as well because you might want some stationary items instantly and going through a number of unlabelled boxes just to find a dairy could be really frustrating. Therefore it is best to label each and every box with a number or put them in a category so that it saves you time and you are able to find what you are looking for without scratching your head too hard for it.

 4. Be extra careful when  it comes to electronics

You will be required to disconnect the laptops/desktops, routers, phone, servers, and other equipment while moving out and if it is not done properly then there is a huge risk of losing out the data which I am sure no one is ok with. As soon as you come up with the last date at the old office, call in a meeting with your IT department and make a plan for transferring all the technical devices. Figure out what needs to be packed with extra care and what can be discarded and communicate it with not only your IT team but packers and movers as well so that there is no scope of blunder on the final day and everything goes as per the plan.

 5. Make sure everything is in place after arriving

It is best to check that whatever you packed before leaving has arrived as well. It might take some time but it saves you from the trouble of missing items in the initial stage itself. You might also want your employees to inspect their new desk spaces before getting comfortable. They might want to look for any defective desks, chairs, or loose wires and see if everything is in place or not. If something doesn’t feel right or they think is missing, you must always be in the loop because it’s best to rectify it right away rather than bringing it up after few months when nothing can be done about it.

Office relocation is both exciting and hectic as it comes with a thrill of exploring a new place but you don’t have to worry as you can get in touch with us, the best packers and movers and we will take care of every minute detail.


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