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All set to move into your new home? This new road in your life is going to be full of excitement, fun, and adventure. Let’s not make stress and strain a part of it. Deal with the pain of packaging and moving by hiring professional packers and movers near you and avail their excellent services at affordable rates to make household relocation hassle-free.

One of the most important aspects of the whole relocation process is packaging and undoubtedly, packaging can be strenuous at times if not done right. However, a few smart tips from professional packers and movers can ease your burden. Follow these simple tips and tricks underlying below to start packing your stuff room-by-room until it is done.

Guidelines For Packing Household Things- By Trusted Packers And Movers

  • Start gathering essentials used for packing like newspapers, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, dolly, etc. 
  • Place a layer of padding – like bubble wrap, soft clothes, cotton, newspaper, etc on the lower part of your cardboard box to avoid any sudden impact on things kept in it. Then, put the heaviest items into the box first.
  • Start packing the things room-by-room according to its usage. Least used things must be packed first.
  • Label each packed box by room and the contents it contains.
  • Pack a box of essentials only which includes, candles, snacks, drinks, toothbrushes, a first-aid kit, medications, etc.
  • Don’t overflow the boxes with excess stuff to avoid breakage or dropping during transit.
  • Refrain from filling boxes to the brim. This prevents boxes from becoming super heavy and reduces the likelihood that they break or are dropped during transit.

Now that we have gone through the basic guidelines to keep in mind, let’s start packing all the belongings room-by-room to never miss a thing.

Tips You Must Consider Before You Start Packing

According to professional packers and movers, there are few things that owners should keep in mind while preparing themselves for the big day. The things you must consider are given below-

  1. Prepare an inventory list of all the items you plan to take with you in your new house to avoid missing anything or packing anything at the last minute. 
  2. Start packing from the room used least and checkmark all the things you packed to keep track of your valuable possessions. 
  3. Keep all the things with similar functionality or area of use in one box — fooding items together for easy access at your new home.
  4. Don’t forget to label each box with the area of your place it belongs to, its contents and the type of material the box. For instance- spices and utensils both belong to the kitchen but one is breakable and needs more safety during transit and the other is not, so you can mark it as “kitchen/ dishes/breakable”.
  5. Keep all the essential documents safe with you to avoid misplacing any during relocation.
  6. Leave restricted items there only and schedule cleaning for the end. 

Checklist To Pack For House Move Room-by-room

packers and movers

packers and movers

The Kitchen
  • First defrost the refrigerator 2 days prior to your move out day.
  • Group your dishes depending on the material they are made of. Like keep your glass cutlery and steel plates in two different boxes to avoid breakage of fragile items.
  • Bubbles wrap the material made of crystal or glass and stuff these boxes with foam to avoid their movement inside the box during transportation.
  • Use sectioned cardboard boxes if you can get for small dishes and glasses
  • Pack the electric appliance and blades (if any) attached with them with bubble wrap.
  • Seal the containers used for storing spices and seasoning with tapes and bubble wrap.


The Dining Room
  • Pack your dining table and chairs. If they are fordable, fold them and keep them aside.
  • Place a bad cloth on the floor if the table is heavy and without wheels to move it without scratching the floor.
  • Pack all the decorations  — candles, lamps, pictures, artwork, etc. using bubble wrap.
  • Roll up the carpet and wrap it carefully so your packers and movers can take it to the transport.


The Living Room
  • Disconnect all the electronics like TVs, computers, and other electronics. Protect their screens with thick blankets and keep them protected.
  • Pack heavy furniture, couch, chairs and make them easier to manoeuvre into your new home by folding them if possible. Professional packers and movers will handle the loading and unloading part for you.
  • Handle decoration items, paintings, showpieces with utmost care. Try wrapping them in blankets or bubble wrap.
  • Place a blanket on the floor to avoid any scratching while moving the heavy furniture.
  • Keep all the fragile items like fancy bulbs in a box cushion properly to avoid any breakage during transportation.


The Bedrooms
  • Disconnect electronic appliances like ACs, TVs (if any), etc.
  • Pack casual clothes in one cardboard and keep socks and other small soft stuff to fill the corners of your cardboard box.
  • Keep all your jewelry in one box and take it together with you.
  • Pack mattresses in bed bags to keep them protected during the transit.
  • Keep all bedding and pillows in a cleaning bag to keep them clean.


The Bathroom
  • Disconnect electronic appliances: Unplug your washing machine, dryer, and other electronic appliances (if any). Remove all the power cords, water hose, and keep the stuff in a single box.
  • Pack toiletries together to confirm their availability for some time at your new home as you are likely to require bathroom stuff first before unpacking the rest of the rooms.
  • Few items like detergents and cleansing agents are restricted for transportation so it’s better to throw them away.
  • You can use baskets and buckets to move small things.

Professional packers and movers suggest that you must consider taking used cardboard boxes and renting a dolly for easy movement of goods and avoid unnecessary expenses.


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